Commercial Law is the part of private law, which regulates commercial operations and merchants (natural persons or legal entities which are professionally engaged in commercial activities). Commercial law covers an array of topics, such as companies and business associations, commercial paper, stock market, banks, commercial agreements, industrial and intellectual property, free and fair competition, etc.

It is very important that a commercial contract encapsulates in clarity the constituents of the commercial transaction as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. The lawyer’s contribution is, thus, critical in the stage of negotiations and/or formalization of the agreement. Otherwise, following the emergence of any disputes and conflicts, it is very likely that the parties are inevitably led to particularly burdensome (cost- and time-wise) litigation procedures.

In this context, our legal office can handle, among others, the following cases:

  • Formation of all types of companies: Société Anonyme (limited company by shares), Limited Liability Company, Private Capital Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership. Legal support and advice on the new procedures of the formation of companies (One-stop-shop);
  • Due diligence in the context of acquisition, consolidation, transformation, division, spinoff, dissolution and liquidation of companies;
  • Attending in shareholders meetings, keeping of minutes and handling matters relating to increase or decrease of share capital, etc.;
  • Legal advice on specific types of agreements, such as franchising, leasing, commercial agency, distribution agreements etc.;
  • Issues relating to commercial paper (checks, bills of exchange etc.);
  • Banking and capital market law issues;
  • Legal advice for the compliance with competition law (cartels, horizontal and vertical restraints, mergers, abuse of dominant position);
  • Legal actions on the Civil Courts for damages due to unfair trade practices (such constituting violation of unfair competition legislation), etc;
  • Legal advice regarding intellectual and industrial property issues.
  • Submission of trademarks for individuals or companies in the General Secretariat of Commerce and representation before the Administrative Committee of Trademarks or other competent fora.