Real estate law regulates the formation, transfer and protection of a person’s rights over real estate property (i.e., ownership, personal and in rem servitudes, pledges and mortgages).

In this context, our legal office may handle, among others, the following types of cases:

  • Actions for the protection of ownership and/or possession;
  • Distribution of real property;
  • Procedures before the National Registry Office as well as the competent Cadastral Office and/or Land Registry;
  • Due diligence review of real property ownership deeds;
  • Investments on property;
  • Representing clients in the preparation and execution of notarial deeds for the transfer of real property rights;
  • Protection of real property rights;
  • Establishment or termination of personal servitudes or servitudes in rem (usufruct/life estate, right of way etc.);

In particular, for the issue of permission for residency to investors/ third-country nationals who buy real estate in Greece please visit the following link: Golden Visa