The law of obligations (contracts and torts) is an important branch of civil law that regulates most legal relations, stemming from the parties’ free choice (contracts) or law itself (e.g., in case of tort of unjust enrichment).

Special rules apply for the protection of consumers, deemed weaker parties in a commercial transaction. Respectively, particular transactions, such as commercial leases, are subject to a special regime.

In this context, our legal office can handle, among others, the following cases:

  • Legal actions relating to any kind of claims between individuals or legal entities, stemming from contract or law;
  • Drafting of contracts or handling of conflicts relating to lease of professional premises or private residences;
  • Claims for defrauding creditors;
  • Negotiation and drafting of any kind of contract;
  • Disputes and claims for reimbursement due to car accidents;
  • Claims for tort, asking for damages and/or redress of moral damage;
  • Settlement of consumer disputes.